How to Use Mnemonics to Learn Spanish Words Describing Physical Dimensions

Repetition memorisation of Spanish dialect vocabulary is very wasteful and exhausting when contrasted with utilizing memory aides. A memory helper includes taking a snippet of data and controlling it to make it more important. A typical approach to do this is by affiliation; you can relate a word in your objective dialect with a word in your local dialect by utilizing a visual or sound connection.

In this article you will locate various memory aides for learning Spanish dialect vocabulary that portrays physical measurements. As you read every memory aide, attempt to picture the picture given obviously in your psyche, giving careful consideration to the relationship between the word in Spanish and the sentence given that contains English words that sound like the Spanish. In the event that the picture contains the shading blue or red, consider child dress: blue relates to the manly sexual orientation, red to the ladylike.

huge – grande

A grandma with silver hair and a stoop enters the scene. She is huge, in each measurement.

overwhelming – pesado

She drops an overwhelming pack on the ground. It spills open, and peso coins fly all around.

stature (for individual) – la Estatura

Behind the grandma is a red statue of an extremely tall ball player.

stature – la Altura

On the ball player’s head is an altimeter, which peruses ’10 feet tall.’

massive – inmenso

Sounds like the English.

length – la Longitud

The grandma strolls up to a globe and pulls off one of the red longitude lines, which she uses to quantify the length of the ball player’s legs.

light – ligero

The grandma sees a container of ale on the ground. She goes to lift it up and it coasts away, weightless.

long – largo

There is a long piece of fat on the ground.

mass – la Masa

Sounds like the English. The grandma says ‘I would do well to gauge this fat for Master James’, and spots it on a red arrangement of scales.

infinitesimal – minúsculo

Sounds like the English.

limit – estrecho

The grandma tries to stroll through an entryway, however it’s excessively thin, so she extends it more extensive.

short – corto

A short man enters the scene and flees at seeing the grandma, who gets him and says ‘Got you!’

measure – el Tamaño

A larger than usual blue tambourine moves through the scene, chimes ringing.

little – pequeño

A little pelican enters through the entryway.

tall – alto

Sounds like the word for stature. The ball player’s head is encompassed by mists, at high height.

to weigh – pesar

The grandma takes the greater part of the peso coins in her sack and measures them on another scale.

weight – el Peso

Sounds like the word for to weigh. The second scale is blue.

wide – ancho

The now extended entryway has a stay holding it set up.

width – la Anchura

Sounds like the word for wide. The grapple is red.

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