Do Greeklish Pose a Threat to Greek Language?

For those that you don’t have the foggiest idea, Greeklish is the Hellenic dialect composed with English or Latin characters. It is currently apparent that Greeklish have entered ordinary experience of Greek Internet clients in view of the effortlessness and appropriateness they offer. Since the day they were initially used, around 1960, they have made a considerable measure of confusions with respect to the spelling and composing of youngsters. Be that as it may, would they say they are a danger to Greek dialect?

As indicated by a past report from the Section of Preschool Education, University of West Macedonia, it was found that 9 out of 10 secondary school understudies utilize Greeklish. The greater part of them utilize this technique to abstain from spelling mistakes and to spare time. This abuse can just expand the lexipenia in light of the fact that understudies discover pointless to take in the correct spelling of terms, also that they can discuss easily composing with English characters. Also at the previously mentioned examination, 58.5% of understudies consider that the utilization of Greeklish debilitates Greek dialect. Then again, only 64.3% of philologists feel that Hellenic dialect is debilitated by Greeklish, when 53.6% of them have distinguished an expansion in spelling mistakes in understudies who already showed enhanced execution in composed word.

It appears that various Greek understudies today are supportive of Greeklish rather than Greek. Albeit today the PC frameworks have the capacity to go down numerous dialects (Greek among them) and Greeks can without much of a stretch collaborate on the Internet in their local dialect, we see that clients have endorsed Greeklish for good. However there are the individuals who consider that Greeklish make correspondence tricky as well as aggravate it. It has been found that writings written in this composition framework are now and again garbled and endless. Various Internet clients abstain from perusing long messages wrote in Greeklish, as it is to a great degree tedious perusing. Additionally, Greeklish on sites, obstruct basic capacities, for example, seeking. In addition, the expert and estimation of a site page are diminished in the event that it is composed exclusively with Greeklish.

So what would it be advisable for us to keep from all the above? Etymologists maintain that there is no hazard from Greeklish for the Greek dialect. Likewise, in different Greek discussions, (for example,, and others) Greeklish are not any more got and clients are obliged to make posts just in Hellenic. Besides, numerous eminent scholastics, (for example, teacher of Linguistics in University of Athens Georgios Mpampiniotis) have expressed that “Greek dialect is a device, as well as our way of life, our history and our considerations and we should save it”. So we can infer that Greeklish don’t represent a risk to Greek dialect.

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